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Why us

Our company “CHILTAN” owns rock deposits that have a number of physical indicators and content identifying
the appearance of surface.

Any presented sample is the best as each goes through a careful examination by specialized equipment.

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Reasons to choose us

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Multistage quality control of output permits us to offer only durable and long-lasting products.


Surface of the rocks are processed without heating which grants prevention of further bundle and cracking. Absence of excessive vibration avoids the appearance of invisible cracks.

Production Time

Although the production time is very short, it does not affect the quality of the product. It is ensured by availability of the most modern equipment and qualified staff members.

Our Products

Granite paving stones with a brownish tint.

The mineral features chemical purity, rigidity, and beauty. Granite does not dissolve in water and organic solutions.

Granite paving stones will serve for long time. This mineral is
indispensable for sealing underground structures, as it allows to form a structure of the produced sealant that lets air to pass through, but retains water.

Granite paving stones with grayish tint

Mineral is characterized by chemical purity, rigidity and beauty. The granite does not dissolve in water and organic solutions; it is long-lasting.

The mineral is indispensable for sealing the underground structures as it allows to form such structure of produced sealant that lets air through and retains water.

Travertine – a special stone

While being beautiful and durable it is also good for
grinding and polishing. Travertine has always been used as a building material for monuments, sauna complexes, and amphitheaters. It can definitely explain why ancient Romans vastly used travertine in construction of the Coliseum

Travertine is also used as a decoration material in form of tiles. It is good for facade cladding, interior works on surfaces. Additionally, it is used in production of architectural elements- portals, trims, and staircases. However, it is less common to see travertine as tabletops and window sills.


Granite serves reliably for longer than a century and never goes out of style. Hard and natural stone will serve for many years pleasing current and upcoming generations with its sophisticated beauty

Decorate facade or interior, trim the staircase, fireplace, pool. Add sophisticated elements to the hall and kitchen.

Granite particles

Decorative plaster comprised of granite particles has attractive appearance, as well as significant advantages in exploitation. Marble crumb for walls is vastly used for designing facades and rooms inside buildings. Even difficult climate conditions do not affect its rigidity.

Currently, our team is working on production of granite particles. You can gain visual pleasure by looking at the beauty of granite particles in your houses and cottages.



This process can be described as a strong stream of liquid running under high pressure to shape the stone.

Our works

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Our specialist will help you choose required materials, make measurements, calculate the cost, and order.